6 Tips to Select Great Home Theater Seating

Every single lover of the big screen will tell you that one thing they find captivating about stepping into the movies is the seats. A comfortable seat and the perfect placement makes for optimum viewing pleasure. If you're going to be turning your home space into a mini-theater, then you must bear in mind that strategically designing the layout of your room with seating furniture for that superior entertainment experience is entirely an art. An art that deserves the best expert advice from furniture color selection to placement and designs. Here are a few tips to inspire your next choice.

Go For Comfort

selecting comfortable home theater seating

When selecting your home theater seating furniture, it’s vital to consider one’s comfort carefully. Viewing a movie shouldn't make you feel like you're in the gym. Make your theater seating as cutting edge and as comfortable for some two hours of great home-made entertainment. Home theater sofas, loveseats, and recliners are just perfect for that premium feel.

Check for Durability

Brand new seating pieces of furniture can be gorgeous to behold, and while that's true, it'll be wiser not to be blown away by the beauty, except the quality is top-notch as well. Theater furniture can be pretty expensive and so going for durable choices are a matter of necessity. Seats that are truly stained and spill-resistant, heavy-gauge steel framing, and heavy-duty mechanisms will all add to the life-span of your investment. Experts who have dealt with commercial-grade seating for many years can also be consulted. They know from experience which manufacturers produce better lasting and durable products.

Be Accommodating


While picking your preferred seating option, be accommodating to the preference of your expected audience or significant other as the case may be. Not everyone is going to have your kind of taste. Going for a high-quality leather home theater recliner can be an attractive and comfy option unless your wife loves to reach for your hand through the armrest regularly. A home theater sofa or sectional will be a more comfortable option if you are trying to get cozy with your spouse. Perhaps you have children who would be more comfortable in a home theater lounger built to their size. The point here is, since the theater space is meant for company, it'll be best to accommodate the needs of your 'company' when picking your seating options.  

What's Your Budget?

It's no news how expensive investing in home theater seating can be. Home theater sofas and home theater loungers can be surprisingly expensive. The market out there can be tempting. Therefore, creating a budget keeps you safe from the 'spending spell'. Fantastic seating options below $1500 are widely available. Building your home theater one step at a time is an excellent idea, and purchasing essential home theater furniture piecemeal is a wise option for folks with a tight budget.

The Size of Your Room

The size of your room will definitely affect your seating options as well as arrangements. This is why you must select home theater loungers and furniture appropriate to the space available to you. A large home theater sofa would congest a small room but might fit in perfectly into another. Smaller rooms also produce quality sounds because of the absence of sound interference.

Keep a Color Scheme Handy

so many colors

Even though the room is going to be predominantly dark or dimly lit, go out of your way to consult professionals when trying to do a color combo. The seating does not have to match the wallpaper or floor designs, but a little bit of contrast for that amazing and homey effect is worth the hype. For more professional advice on how to build your dream home theater, contact us.

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