Common Home Theater Design Mistakes

So you just got your dream home theater and did a couple of installations yourself but still can't get that electric cinema effect? Now, you're wondering if you just got 'played' by the retail store. Well, doubting the quality of the sound system might make sense until you have invited a pro to your home.

As easy as installing and designing your new Home Theater might seem, there are some rules you should follow in doing so. That isn't to say anyone can't design or install a theater themselves. But how much of these rules do you know? Remember always that the right design plus the right sound does tell a lot about you. So, because we don't want you making an awkward first impression before guests, here are five common Home Theater design mistakes you should not  make.

Ignoring the Room Layout

This is the first and most common mistake many homeowners commit. Not paying attention to your room layout will make your home theater’s performance less than optimal.. All too often, a square room is unconducive for a home theater’s sound effect as bass waves would usually under-perform there. Home theater sounds do better in a rectangular or oddly shaped room.

Also, for excellent visual and sound effects, most people love to select rooms without windows. Yes! As outrageous as this might sound, you would be surprised how the amount of sunshine your blinds and curtains allow can negatively affect your visual performance. More than that, pockets of outdoor noises can disrupt the whole theater experience. Do you want value for your system? Never ignore the power of a carefully planned room layout.

Concealing the Speakers

If there's a trend we don't fully understand, it is hiding a high-quality surround sound speakers. Some take to hiding them behind plants, in the ceiling, or custom made cabinets. While these attempts are to beautify your home, you also stand a chance of ruining your theater's audio performance. Keeping them exposed or in a slightly elevated position will give you excellent feedback like any cinema would.

Improper Theater Placement

So many factors should be considered when selecting a location for your home theater within your home. Getting the best and quality sound in a huge room can be quite tasking. In picking the location that best suits your equipment, be careful to control and manipulate lighting and acoustics results in your favor. Don't forget that a perfectly placed home theater should help maximize your space, and an incorrectly placed one will affect the overall beauty of your home and make you look disorganized.

Complicated Operations Process

Nobody likes a complicated process. It can be boring and time-consuming. Turning on your theater system to see a movie shouldn't make you go all techie. Get a universal remote control to help you automate the process of turning on multiple components like the TV, DVD player, etc. These features may not necessarily be budget sapping, but they're going to make movie time fun time in your home.

Home Theater Furniture

A successful home theater is determined by one more important elements many have chosen to neglect- the Home Theater furniture. These amazing pieces of furniture have the potential to enhance the home theater experience in no small measure. While you might not have the luxury of time measuring accurately to purchase these types of furniture, you can always call on expert services from Limelight Seating for help, and we'd fix things in no time.

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